April 29, 2012

Cudzoo Farm's Soap Giveaway

If you haven't already you should check out Cudzoo Farm's blog. It chronicles the antics of the goats, rabbits, cats, and dog on a Tennessee micro-farm. The farmer, Sarah, posts new photos and captions each day.

Now she's started "Freebie Fridays". Each Friday she has a soap give-away. Her soap is amazing. Made from her goats' milk, it's lightly scented, smooth, and creamy. I've been using it for years. (If you don't win a Friday Freebie, the soaps are available for purchase)

Here are some of the soaps from my last order.

Yes, that is a flying pig (ginger and bran).

Sleeping Nubian rosemary-mint soap.

I'd show you the spotted doe calendula soap I won last Friday (which was signed and numbered) but it's already in the shower :-)


  1. I love handmade soap...will have to check it out, thanks! ~Suzy

  2. Oh my gosh, that is the cutest soap shapes I think I've seen (and that is saying something!). I will definitely check out the blog and shop!

  3. Nice soaps, though strange comment in the blogger bio ("remote corner of Tennessee--as if Tennessee had anything but"). Tennessee is home to the Athens of the South / Music City USA, Nashville (also the health care capital of the world); the worldwide aeropolis (where FedEx is strategically located) and birthplace of rock-N-roll, Memphis; and the first and only American city with a true Smart Grid, Chattanooga. Would Nicole Kidman and Jack White choose to be Tennesseans if it were comprised entirely of "remote corners?" I could see how someone whose universe was limited to Sewanee might assert something like that, though? (a town that's known for its isolation). I'll check out the product despite the downgrade of the great state of Tennessee. :)

    1. Ha! I never really thought about that comment. Perhaps in comparison to other places she's lived TN seems nothing but remote (she's from Europe)? I actually like that remote corner and would like to move back to South Eastern TN :-)