January 31, 2008

something someone sent me

Some stuff a friend of mine sent me that I want to look into, which I'm putting here so I don't forget where it is, again.

Our Daily Bread: a documentary
http://www.ourdailybread.at/ - see trailers

The Rhizome Collective: Radical Urban Sustainability in Austin
and their RUST Manual - http://www.rhizomecollective.org/rustmanual

NE Small Farm Institute - where some forest garden research is done (for the
plant species matrix)

Nepal Permaculture Project - permaculture cooperative extension increases yields

Paradigms: The Inertia of Language - the essay we talked about
by a professor from the School for Designing a Society

A Post-Capitalist Politics
book - http://www.upress.umn.edu/Books/G/gibson_postcapitalist.html
one author - http://www.geo.umass.edu/faculty/graham/
Toward a Feminist Politics of Place and Post-capitalism -
Rethinking Communism conference -

Methodology of the Oppressed by Chela Sandoval
"a hermeneutics of love in the postmodern world"

Perennial Kale
Brassica oleracea L. var. ramosa DC
best info: http://www.pfaf.org/database/plants.php?Brassica+oleracea+ramosa
http://www.ars-grin.gov/cgi-bin/npgs/html/taxon.pl?319631 - scroll down to see
other common names
http://www.actahort.org/books/407/407_5.htm - includes following info:
"Perennial kale has probably been domesticated and distributed by the Romans.
Some relic populations are still being grown in various parts of western Europe
(Ireland, Scotland, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal), in
Ethiopia, in Brazil and Haiti up to the present."

Blackwood Land Institute resources page

Sedition Books - Houston bookstore/library/garden

Radical Encuentro - biannual Texas meetings, awesome!!

Rising Tide North America: Confronting the root causes of climate change
anarchist, anti-racist, pretty awesome

Reclaim Power: voices from the camp for climate action, 2006
http://www.cinerebelde.org/site.php3?id_article=352 - I have this DVD (borrow or
Interview with someone from Rising Tide

UTMB Natural Step "green" building
http://www.eere.energy.gov/buildings/info/health/design.html - at the bottom of
the page about retrofitting

US Social Forum

No Sustainability without Justice: A Feminist Critique of Environmental
Citizenship by Sherilyn MacGregor
excerpt from the abstract, I can email the twelve page essay if you're
interested more
"I discuss some of the central problems I see with environmental citizenship as
I see them. These problems include: a paradoxical coupling of labour- and
time-intensive green lifestyle changes with increased actie participation in
the public sphere; silence on questions of rights and social conditions that
make citizenship pratice possible; and a failure to acknowledge the ways in
which injuctions to make the green lifestyle changes (as expressions of good
green citizenship) dovetail into neoliberal efforts to download public services
to the domestic sphere."

The Diggers - dug up commons and planted corn in 1649-50 in England
basic - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diggers_%28True_Levellers%29
detailed - http://www.diggers.org/english_diggers.htm

My Dog Just Ate a Ficus

My dog just at the ficus in my living room. That must have been where she was going! Not just the leaves but a significant amount of the trunk and stems as well. So now we know: sometimes a dog needs to munch a ficus.