September 8, 2010


Pollinators On The Brain was abandoned a few years ago. It started out as a place to put things that were filling my head and which didn't fit on the blog for my farm. With one thing and another I never wrote much on here.

But recently I had a conversation that went something like this:

Christine: Why don't you start a blog?
Me: Because I don't have anything to say.
Christine: I would dispute that!
Me: OK, you tell me what topics I have things to say about and I'll elaborate upon them.
Christine: I'd love to have someone walk me through the basics of soil building, planting, garden planning, record keeping, preserving, basic food science...
Me: But there are tons of blogs and books on those subjects! People have already said everything about those things.
Christine: But, it's not so much what you have to say as the way you say it. The way you bring it all together, connect things, and explain them.
Me: You sound like my dad.

So... Happy Birthday Christine! Your present, as you might have guessed, is the blog you requested. Of course others are welcome to read it too. Maybe you're right - maybe others will find it helpful.

And I'll take suggestions. Christine is obligated to feed me topics but anyone is welcome to tell me what they'd like to know.