May 31, 2011

The Non-Disposable, No-Waste Life and Baby

I often hear people say babies are very expensive. I have observed that babies can produce a lot of waste and accumulate a lot of stuff. Since we're all about less waste and less stuff, how will the baby fit in? How much will a baby cost if we apply our life governing principles to the process of adding the baby in? We are at the very beginning of the process but we're starting to develop a plan.

What (Our) Baby Needs:

Diapers. For us it's going to be cloth. There is hardly anything left in our house that is disposable plastic or paper so diapers will be no different. I'm making the diapers from old flannel sheets, old t-shirts, wool sweaters, old towels, and as a last resort if I run out of material before I'm finished, purchased fabric or thrift store flannel sheets. I plan to have a mix of prefolds and fitteds with wool diaper covers. We'll see what I and baby like best. I'm basing the number of diapers and covers on Babywork's suggestions for a diaper layette.

May 9, 2011

Stay Tuned...

For those of you who are still checking on the blog - hang in there! I hope to be back soon. I got pregnant, got sick, and haven't done anything in the past few months that is the least bit interesting (I'm sure no one wants to read a blog about morning sickness and food aversions or how much Zelda I've been playing). But hopefully I'm on the mend and I'll be back to doing stuff and posting soon.

A few posts in the works from before I got smacked down:

  • The Non-Disposable, No-Waste Life and Baby
  • Why I Don't Till The Soil
  • Basics of Soils
  • My Attempts at Fermented Pickles
Stay tuned...