January 28, 2011

Today's Seeds Started

Today was a big seed starting day. Second round of Solanaceae and first round of many other things. Here's what got seeded:

Red Cherry, 6
Arkansas Traveler, 6
Seeds in the greenhouse a few years ago.
Green Velvet, 6
Rosso Siciliano, 6
Plum Lemon, 6
Cherokee Purple, 6

Greens and Lettuce
Tatsoi, 12
Marvel of 4 seasons, 16
Gailan Queen, 8
Da Ping Pu, 8
Jericho, 6

Lettuce Seedlings
Thai Long Green, 6
Ping Tung, 6

Pepper, Sweet
Ashe County Pimento, 6
Tequila Sunrise, 6
Lipstick, 6

Pepper, Hot
Serrano, 6

Celery, 12
Fennel, 12
Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry, 6
Purple Tomatillo, 6
More greenhouse seedlings.

Vierling Dill, 6
Thai Dill, 6
Genovese Basil, 12
Chives, 3
Parsley, 3
Borage, 6

Calendula, 6
Giant Marigolds, 12
Bee's Friend, 6
Stock, 6
Zinnia, 44


  1. You've got a great start going. I'm waiting for my heating mat to be delivered. Then I will be busy busy. I don't have a greenhouse but I dream of having one some day.

  2. I've never used a heat mat... let me know how it works for you. My husband was going to borrow some from work, which would be nice, b/c I have 10 flats of seeds going right now and I can't afford a heating mat for each one!

    The greenhouse is out of order at the moment. I haven't bought new plastic since hurricane Ike and my fairly small greenhouse really doesn't work in our climate without supplemental heating/cooling. Oh well! I live and learn!

  3. Annie,

    My heat mat came in today. YAHOOO!! I ordered a 48 inch mat and it will hold 4 regular size seed starter kits. Last year I used a heating pad to start my seeds, but I wanted something bigger this year.

    We would have to supply heating to a greenhouse here if we had one. I have used a cold frame before and it worked out ok.

  4. You are so far ahead of me. So far I only have tomatoes, eggplant and some red bell pepper planted. Hope to get more started this weekend. Your seedling look wonderful. After waking up to snow this morning and most of the city closed down I am looking forward to spring. Did you get snow last night too? Emily

  5. We only got a dusting and a fair amount of ice. Other parts of Houston got more. I've seen some pictures of the snow in Austin and the Hill Country... it's so lovely!