January 23, 2011

I Love My Clothesline


  1. Love the wheel, I was just telling Mr Chiots that I need one like that. Mine is a simply string tied to the garage and a big cherry tree, not the best, but hey it was free!

    Happy solar drying, here right now is freeze drying.

  2. I dried things for a long time on a static line tied between trees. It killed my back though. I would hang up clothes for a few feet, bending down each time, then I'd have to move the basket under the next three foot section and repeat. Finally, I was like "no matter what it costs I will have a pulley"! Wasn't too expensive though and now I LOVE hanging out the laundry. And I realize I was avoiding it before because it was uncomfortable... I hardly use the dryer at all anymore.

    I've heard that clothes freezing on the line actually works well to dry them... have you found that to be true?

  3. I don't know how you can hang clothes to dry under trees. The birds would get the better of me. Please consider a laundry cart. Hope this source is helpful and the best $20 you ever spent.


  4. It's actually only the end that is under a tree... you're right, if it was all under trees I'd probably have an issue!

    I did consider a laundry cart at first. However, since we wanted to get a metal cable clothesline anyway (ours was just cotton rope and it sagged) it wasn't too much more to get the pulley. And the pulley really works out! I get to stand in one place to hang it all :-)

  5. neat system! I have a great long line area set up for 4 lines, but only have 2 hung. I have a little table I set in the middle and walk back and forth. Seems to work. I like your pulley though. We don't have a dryer anymore and I really don't miss it.