January 25, 2016

TNT: Kimono Tshirt

This is my latest version of the Maria Denmark Kimono Tee, which has become a tried and true for me, although I'm not sure I should still call it by its original name. At what point does a pattern go from original to "just a kimono tee I make"? Because seriously, the number of changes I made to this pattern to get here is just insane and it doesn't really resemble to original except that it has cut on sleeves. I changed the height and shape of the neckline, narrowed the shoulders, lengthened the sleeves, changed the shape of the side seams, added a back seam for a sway back adjustment and big bum adjustment, changed and lengthened the shape of the hem, and did a rounded back adjustment. I think that covers it. So yeah, maybe I should just say "this is my tnt kimono tee".
Center back seam... no pattern matching.

Anyhow. Latest version - nicely textured blue and white abstract rayon jersey from Mood. (has an almost linen like texture... not slippery).