January 22, 2013

Very Easy Potato and Roasted Broccoli Soup

I really like soups but when they're as easy as this one, I adore them. Here is my potato-broccoli soup in 4 easy steps.

 1. Make mashed potatoes (with butter, without, with milk... however you like). 
 2. Roast the broccoli (or other vegetables... the version pictured also has roasted cauliflower and carrots). 
 2b. Saute onions, garlic, and celery in butter (or roast all that along with your broccoli). 
 3. Dilute mashed potatoes with broth or water until thick or as thin as you like. 
 4. Add your roasted and/or sauteed veg. - DONE!

Bonus: At this point you can add cream, or not. Cheese or bacon or yogurt or not. Puree the soup or leave it chunky: it is totally up to you.

And remember, since I can't write a good recipe I just gave you a general formula. If you like potato broccoli soup that is a whole lota potato and not so much broccoli then prep your quantities accordingly. If you're a broccoli fiend then roast a ton. If you don't think you have enough broccoli then just roast some more and add it later. The cool thing about soup is that even if you end up with too much it freezes well and you can always beef it up, change the spices, or throw in some of whatever you've got at a later time. Such a flexible meal!

Soup in jars cooling for the freezer

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  1. YUM. I love your "recipe." That's my kind of recipe. the base of mashed potatoes is wonderful!