December 16, 2012

Something New

You may have noticed (or not) down the right side of this blog, under the rotating gallery of sustainability reading goodness, an "Etsy mini". That's the official term for a tiny display of Etsy wares that you can put on a blog or website. 

upcycled bows
I have started an Etsy shop called Pollinator Handmade. I decided, since I love to (am compelled to?) create, to find an outlet for all these things I make. The idea is that the goods in the shop are upcycled, made from sustainable materials, and durable... and all things I use in my own life. 

I have a lot of idea, including a series of kitchen linens hand sewn by me with sustainable fabrics (hemp!) that feature my artwork. At the moment there are only a few things in the shop but expect more in the new year.

As things progress I'm hoping to post some tutorials here (like one for those upcycled bows). Next year should be a good year for this blog with more recipes, more gardening, and more essays about sustainability and agroecology with some shop stuff thrown in. 

If you want to keep up with the goings on in the shop you can interact with my various social media personalities that mostly make shop talk (my processes, new ideas, material sourcing, etc):

Twitter: @PollinatorsOTB
Web: (at the moment it redirects to the shop but stuff is in the works)
Pinterest: (specifically the "What's Inspiring the Pollinator" and  "Pollinator Handmade Love" boards)

reusable drawstring bags for bulk goods at the grocery store

Whoa! That's a lot of social media. Anyone have any favorites they think I should be on? What are your preferred ways to connect?

Christmas bows

P.S. There is only one set of 12 upcycled Christmas bows available and the last day to ship first class domestic with guaranteed delivery by Christmas is the 18th!

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