February 6, 2011

Seed Storage

For years I have been trying to come up with a method of seed storage that I like. I've tried bags, jars, boxes, seed starting trays stuffed with packets, and more but nothing worked for me. I have a whole lot of seeds so this has been a big pain.

Then a few weeks ago I read a post on seed storage by one of my favorite bloggers, Chiot's Run.

She solved my problem. I'm clearly an idiot for not thinking of this myself :-)

Now my seeds look like this: 

Shoe boxes with cut down file folders to contain each category of seed. I can find what I'm looking for! No seeds are being overlooked when it's inventory time.

I didn't go so far as to clip an inventory form to each file folder because that wouldn't work for me but it's a great idea if your brain operates like that.

If you're interested, here is how I break my seeds down and how many varieties I have at the moment:

Roots (turnips and beets) - 3 varieties
Radish and carrot seeds all grown up.
Radishes - 6 varieties
Carrots - 4 varieties
Winter Squash and Gourds - 6 varieties
Onions - 4 varieties
Peas - 4 varieties
Cow peas - 3 varieties
Legumes (should be green beans but I started out thinking all legumes would fit in this folder. I was obviously in denial about how many legumes I have ) - 7 varieties
Dry Beans - 5 varieties
Corn - 4 varieties
Other Vegetables (okra, fennel, and celery) - 5 varieties
Greens, Cool Weather (includes broccoli and cabbage) - 7
Greens, Warm Weather - 5 varieties
Lettuce - 6 varieties
Summer Squash - 6 varieties
Cucumbers - 3 varieties
Melons - 3 varieties
Peppers - 9 varieties
Tomatoes (includes tomatillos and ground cherries)- 13 varieties
Eggplants - 3 varieties
Herbs (including some that are considered flowers) - 14 varieties
Flower (including some that could be considered herbs) - 16 varieties

This is far fewer seeds than I used to have. I'm trying to be frugal and control my seed and plant fanaticism. 

How do you store your seeds?


  1. I read the same post and used the same method. lol GREAT MINDS. I used one shoebox for veggies and another one for flowers. Now it's easy to find the packet I'm looking for.

  2. Oh how great. They look wonderfully organized. I just started working on a post about seed storage. I found some great little files at a thrift store in Tucson last week (finally found what I had been looking for!) I bet it feels good to have the organized. I can't wait to get to that stage....soon!