January 2, 2011

Props To "Cooking Light" For Changing Their Stance On Eggs

For the past few years the magazine Cooking Light has mostly just ticked me off. Their premise, that one should become healthy by eating lean meat and low fat dairy, I think is wrong headed. The emphasis on lean chicken breasts in particular makes me crazy. Seriously, how many lean chicken breasts does one person want to eat?

That is slowly changing. Recently (I wish I could be more specific but I couldn't find it... certainly within the past two years) Cooking Light had a short article on eggs in which they partially revised their stance. They said the cholesterol in eggs isn't so bad and since eggs are so nutritious you should definitely eat them. But then went on to say that you should limit yourself to one a day so that you don't consume too much cholesterol! Everything in moderation, right?

I found this very irritating. They had the evidence right in front of them but were too cautious to really come out and make a stand which would contradict what "everyone knows" about eggs and cholesterol. 

However, this month, the very first article after the letter from the editor and the letters to the editor says this:

"...cholesterol in food isn't the culprit... Our position is this: Amid the general tendency to lighten up in January, don't put the eggs away."

They go on to suggest you eat them for breakfast and dinner! No recommendations on how many are ok to eat and no cautions. Full speed ahead on eggs.

So I say "Good job Cooking Light!" Keep it up. Don't be afraid to tell us the truth even if it sounds crazy at first. Back it up with science, don't ignore evidence, and you'll be fine.

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