January 12, 2011

Bread Before and After (100% Whole Wheat)

Bread doing its final proof on the board.

Bread after the oven, minus the two rolls I ate.


  1. Wow your bread and rolls look wonderful. I have some bread rising right now. I am so happy I started making bread a few years ago. Will you share your 100% whole wheat recipe?

  2. I would share it but there is really no recipe. It's just flour (white whole wheat), salt, yeast and water. I think the one pictured also had a small amount of olive oil in it. I just mix them together without measuring. The only thing I could say about it ratio-wise is that I use much less yeast than a recipe would. Then the bread doubles over 8 or 10 hours in the fridge, followed by another doubling on the counter over 5 hours or so, then a shaping, a brief proofing and a baking. This super slow rise makes the flavor nice and complex. Fast cooked breads, particularly whole wheat breads, to me taste bitter and yeasty in an unpleasant way. At least those which aren't enriched with eggs or butter or sugar do. Enriching covers a multitude of sins.